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A quarterly newsletter from the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Visual Impairments containing practitioner tips for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and other professionals.

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; Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016 6 References Guralnick, M. J., Gottman, J. M., & Hammond, M. A. (1996). Effects of social setting on the friendship formation of young children differing in developmental status. Journal of Applied Development Psychology, 625–651. Guralnick, M. J. & Groom, J. M. (1987). Dyadic peer interactions of mildly delayed and nonhandicapped preschool children. American Journal of Mental Deficiency, 178–193. Sacks, S. Z., & Wolffe, K. E. (Eds.). (2006). Teaching social skills to students with visual impairments: Research to practice. New York: AFB Press. Sacks, S. Z., & Silberman, R. K. (2000). Social skills. In A. J. Koenig & M. C. Holbrook (Eds.), Foundations of education: Vol. II. (2 nd ed., pp. 616-652). New York: AFB Press. Sacks, S. Z., Kekelis, L. S., & Gaylord-Ross, R. (Eds.). (1992). The development of social skills by blind and visually impaired students. New York: American Foundation for the Blind. 75

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