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A quarterly newsletter from the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Visual Impairments containing practitioner tips for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and other professionals.

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An Integrated Approach to Teaching Self- Determination Cary Saxton, M.A., cmiddlebush@gmail.com As a fledgling TVI with very little special education experience, much of my time has been spent deciphering acronyms: IEP, ETR, IDEA, and of course, the ECC. The ECC (Expanded Core Curriculum) is chock full of acronyms in its own right. Teaching at the Ohio State School for the Blind, I immediately became familiar with O&M (Orientation and Mobility) and DLS (Daily (or Independent) Living Skills) as they were instructional staples built right into our students' class schedules. When I finally saw a list of the ECC written, I recognized most of them and was able to see those skills reflected in the reality of my students' daily lives. Yet I was caught extremely off guard as I glanced to the bottom of the ECC and saw the phrase "self-determination" listed ninth (of nine). It was like glancing down to the bottom of the U.S. Constitution and seeing "freedom" written, much like an 33

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