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A quarterly newsletter from the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Visual Impairments containing practitioner tips for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and other professionals.

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16-year-old #af-ye>-old In simple fractions, the fraction line is dots 34. For a mixed fraction, the number sign is repeated after the whole number. ½ #a/b 2¾ cups sugar #b#c/d cups sug> When numbers contain slashes but are not fractions, the two-cell slash is used just as it is when words contain slashes, and the numeric indicator is repeated after the slash. The camp counselors/mentors must be ready to respond at any time, 24/7. ,! camp c\nselors_/m5tors m/ 2 r1dy to respond at any "t1 #bd_/#g4 If there is a colon, dash, or hyphen in the middle of a number, the numeric indicator is repeated after the symbol, because these symbols stop the effect of a numeric indicator. It's 2:30 P.M.—time to get up. ,x's #b3#cj ,p4,m4,-"t to get up4 The vote was 61-38. ,! vote 0 #fa-#ch4 There will now be a specific way to show that numbers or other symbols are in a superscript or subscript position. This can apply to footnote references, common chemical formulae, and the like. Her adagio2 received glowing reviews.3 ,h] adagio;9#b rcvd gl[+ reviews4;9#c I explained that h 2 o stands for water. ,i expla9$ t h;5#bo /&s = wat]4 Accents On Letters In current literary braille, all accent marks are shown as dot 4 before the letter (except in material for teaching foreign language). In UEB, there are unique symbols (modifiers) to show the different print accent marks. These modifiers are Overview of Changes from Current Literary Braille to UEB; BANA, March 2013 9

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