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A quarterly newsletter from the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Visual Impairments containing practitioner tips for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and other professionals.

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VIDBE-Q Volume 68 Issue 3 4 Volume 68, Issue 3 Page 7 Message from the Editor Kathleen M. Farrand, Ph.D. 10 President's Message Kathleen Stanfa, Ph.D. 14 Supporting Learners Using a Whole Child Approach: Online Modules You Can Use to Help Team Members Make Connections Heather Herbster, Ph.D. 23 Our Mission: Educating and Advocating for the BVI Community in North Dakota Emily Stenberg Brown, M.S. 36 North Dakota Dual Sensory Project Lacey J. Long, M.Ed. 43 University of North Dakota Visual Impairment: Specialization Renae Bjorg, Ph.D. 51 Foundation for Blind Children: Finding Solutions Through Innovation and Passion Max Ashton, B.A. Table of Contents

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